Tips to Spring Cleaning your Home with Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

It is that time again when we all are ready to open the Windows, let the fresh Spring air in and are noticing that we need to take some steps to de-clutter, tidy up and deep clean.

Spring Clean Checklist

Every Year the question comes around as to where to start, what to do first and what products to use.

I like to get into that with a few starting points and to inform you about the best cleaning products for your home and why you should consider ways to make your home Eco friendly.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips – start with your cabinets

Over time we all start to lose track of what is in them, packages of Noodles are being pushed behind the newer Item we just purchased. We forgot that we already have 3 Cans of Tomato Sauce and squeeze one more on to the Shelf. My Tip, a few times a Year, work with what you have in your Cabinets and get creative with your cooking, personally I found out that those are often the best Meals.

Comes Spring, take out everything in your Cabinets, check your expiration dates ( if they get close to expire use them up or keep them in front of everything that is “younger”) so you keep it front of mind.

When the Cabinets are empty clean them with an Eco friendly product, like Castile Soap or check out my favorites here

If you like a citrus scent you may like to try out CitraSolv. This supercharged cleaner can be used on any Surface and comes in an undiluted stage, so you can make up the strength as you go. IE: on Wood you would use a lighter mixture than on Kitchen counters, if you have heavy Greece buildup you may want to make it stronger. You can also soak very grimy Items in it to make them look like new again, it is truly a Staple in my house and I use it all the time.

Do the same with your refrigerator. When Empty clean it thoroughly, take out your Shelves, wash them with Ammonia or Castile Soap, let them dry completely before putting them back in to the Fridge. Change out your Odor absorbent Charcoal or baking soda container, put down your clean shelf liner, vacuum out the air vent in the front and back and call it a day.

For more Ideas on Cleaners visit my previous Blog “ best Eco friendly cleaning products for your home

Window Cleaning Tips – do it on a cloudy day

Nothing is more rewarding than sitting inside on a sunny day and have a bright view outside, but who wants to clean Windows in the rain or even worse during snow season.

Now is the time to take it on, and not just the Inside but cleaning your Windows inside and out, make sure the grime in the Cavities is cleaned out and even the trim and Window Sill will be cleaned so it can show off it’s color.

My Tip : Start by washing your Windows with an all-purpose cleaner like the one from Mrs Meyers. Or Castile Soap, wipe dry and clean again with Ammonia ( I use Citrus scented Ammonia ) and dry with a cotton towel or any other clothe towel that you can just wash and reuse, try to stay away from Paper towels unless you by from here where you can by paper towels from bamboo and no tree was forested for a one time use Item. In case, you like to avoid Ammonia due to its strong smell you can also use white Vinegar which will attack most Grease residues.

Floor Cleaning Tips – Best Wood Floor Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning your Floors it often gets a bit “back breaking” but with the right tools and cleaners it can be done much easier. Wood Floors are more and more in Trent and I personally take cleaning a wood floor over Carpet any day. My go to for them is Vinegar Water. White Vinegar works great on getting dirt of the floors and also works as a Eco friendly disinfectant, for the upkeep of your wood floor and cleaning thru out the Year use would recommend Method. It has a light Almond scent and makes the wood floor clean and slightly shiny.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products – why go ECO Friendly

I get it, most of us are over scheduled and more stressed, so it is understandable that we, it’s easy to gravitate toward the latest products that promise to make our chores easier.and less time-consuming. But did you ever think about what’s in those Cleaners that promise that “quick” fix?

Most household cleaners are made up of harsh cocktails of chemicals, which can be bad for your health, your kids’ health and that of your animals. People are starting to rethink their options, looking for greener solutions, So I would like to encourage you to do the same.

You may like more information so I would like to introduce you to two experts Leslie Reichert, author of “Joy of Green Cleaning,” and Sara Snow, author of “Sara Snow’s Fresh Living,” who share the reasons why people should make the switch to green cleaning products.



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  2. Awesome review on tips to spring cleaning your home with eco friendly home products…I so much love to keep my kitchen and other parts of my house but cleaning can be another difficult with the wrong cleaning products but after seeing these Eco products I really love to start using them…
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