Let’s talk Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils usage can be followed back to 3000-2500 B.C.

The Egyptians are known to be the first culture to use aromatic extracts for beauty care, culinary uses, spiritual and physical well-being. Remember reading about Cleopatra bathing in Rose peddles and Milk to keep her skin looking young?

I remember my Grandmother always having a used Lemon Slice at the Sink. When asked why, she answered, when she cuts smelly food like Onions or Garlic etc she rubs the Lemon on her hands afterwords while washing her hands so they don’t smell like Onion or Garlic. The citrus in the Lemon eliminates Odors.

I am now in the same Habit. Rather than throwing the used Lemon that I had in my Water in to the Compost, I first leave it at the Sink for the same reason.

The three MUST HAVE’s in my house are

Use of essential Oils – Peppermint

Easy to grow in the Garden (careful though, it is a Weed and will take over where ever you plant it,) I would suggest keeping it in a back Corner since it does not mind shade at all, or plant it in a Terra Cotta Pot and than plant it with the Pot in the ground, so the Roots can not easily expand.
Or plant it in a container on the porch I have mine in an old up cycled Hotel Pot that I found in a Yard Sale.

There are so many benefits to Peppermint that I can only mention a few:

For starters, it is Mosquito repellent. When you have it in your Yard and you run over it with your lawnmower you can smell the light scent of Peppermint and be sure that Mosquitoes will not be around since they do not like that smell.

Harvest the Leaves for Tea or for your Mojitos. Pluck a leave or two for your Lemon Water since it helps to quench thirst and it is known to boost energy and help with your digestion.

Add fresh leaves to your Salad.

In the Fall I usually cut down the Plants and dry them for Tea that can be enjoyed all Winter long .

Peppermint Oil is also one of the most used Oils when I blend my Mosquito Spray or Linen Water.

Use of essential Oils – Lavender

Have you seen a Lavender Field? It is breathtaking, just for it’s Color.

The Lavender Plant is a little more tricky to grow and usually will not produce many Flowers until 3 Years Old. I still have to have one since it’s not just the Flower that is Fragrant but also the Leaves. I use the dried Leaves and Flowers in little Sachets to put in my Closet and drawers.

Lavender is alsoMosquito repellent and best as a Spray. Of cause, you could always just rub a few Leaves in between your hands and then over your arms and Legs but I think Spray is easier,

I also always have lavender water in the house for the Items that I Iron, not just will it smell fresh but also keep the Moths away when you store those heavy Winter Clothes away.

Lavender is best known for its Use as Stress Relief. Making Lavender Sugar and use that as sweetener for your Tea you drink before bedtime. Or dab a few drops on your finger and massage into your temples. I sometimes did that at work when I got to stressed.


Use of essential Oils – Tee Tree Oil

Now here is an Oil that I do not grow the plant for, but always have on hand.

Tee Tree Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. I have eczema and am I using the Oil with a Carrier (it can be an unscented Lotion or Oil) to keep it under control. The itching stops as soon as I treat the area and the redness and flaking goes away.

I also carry it in my bag when I have my Grand Kids out and about. When little scrapes or cuts occur the Oil will take away the Sting and the play can continue.





Aromatherapy and essential Oils – where to buy

You most like already found some Oils in the Grocerie Store or your Pharmacy, As a beginner, I say try it out for the Scent since they are most likely a little less expensive. If you are putting your efforts towards medical / physical / healing and over all Health Benefits I would suggest finding the best of the Best.

I have tried many Product Lines over the Years and when I travel Overseas usually stock up on my Oils that are not available in the United States but for most other purchases that I make for medicinal and healing purposes, I am using Jade Bloom. They have 100% pure Oils that are known to be the best in the World.

I have other Suppliers for the Oils that I am I using in making all natural Candles and Soaps in those Cases I need larger amounts while still being 100% natural they do not need to be Pharmaceutical Grade.

Everyone has their own Idea as to what you want to accomplish with your Oils, happy hunting and let me know if I can help in any way.

I can’t wait to see all of your Ideas of uses and you may want to share some Recipes with us .

Peace, Love, Happiness






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