how to – White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Window

Combine 1-part vinegar with 1-part hot water in a bowl or measuring cup.

  • Pour it into a glass spray bottle
  • Test your solution on a corner of the window to make sure the vinegar-water solution is strong enough to remove the grime. In case your windows are verygreasy, pre-wash them with a degreasing dish soap (like Citra Solv) then follow up with the mixture.
  • Start by Spraying the solution at the top of your windowpane, try not to let the Solution drip down the window, if that happens it will not have a chance to work its magic. Let it sit for a moment before wiping down the Window.
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2 Replies to “how to – White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Window”

  1. Thanks for sharing how to use white vinegar to wash windows. I had heard that vinegar was a good cleaning solution and much more environmentally friendly than the chemical cleaners that are on the market. I really appreciate knowing that it is about a 1/1 solution of water and vinegar. That will make my cleaning much easier. It sounds like it will save money too! 

  2. Thank you for the help I needed. My grand mother died in 2007 and I could not remember all the ingredients she used fully well. But I’m sure vinegar was one of the stuffs she used. My grand mother did the windows weekly and they always had a great clear shine when she finished caring for them.I’m going to use this method in your post and I’m hoping for that million dollar shine (lol!).

    Thanks again for the post.


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