Herb Growing Guide – Oregano

Oregano is a perennial (it will grow for more than 2 Years) and has many more
uses than just as add on for Tomato Sauce and Pizza. It can be used
in salads, antipasti,with Fish and meat or with Vegetables and Rice dishes. Oregano is one the those herbs that will have a more intense taste when dried. The essential oils in oregano are more concentrated when dried and
therefor you only need a small amount when adding to your dishes.

Where,When and How to plant Oregano.

loves the Sun and is best planted in soil that is well drained.
It will grow up to 2 foot tall and about 18
inches wide and
is a good companion for
any Vegetable in your Garden. You can also plant in pots or hanger
baskets as the stems will grow outward and hang down if on a wall
hanger for easier harvest.
For best flavor make sure it has full Son.

You can
start from seed indoors around February or from cuttings if you
have an
established plant. When planting outside,
make sure the soil is around 70 degrees, as
Oregano does not do well in the cold until established
and at least one Year old.

How to care for Oregano

does not need as much Water as most plants and will show
better results if
watered well but less often. (this means to water when soil is dry
around it). When you
have a plant in a pot or hanger, water until the water comes out of
the drainage hole and leave alone until
it is dry again.

Fora bushier plant with more yields, keep clipping the stems when they are about 5 inches long. The plant will develop “legs” if you don’t trim it and that can easily take over the part of the garden as they will root.

Oregano will self seed itself when kept in the garden, but if you would like
to have a plant in your home for Winter, you should separate a small plant in late Spring and plant in a pot or keep in a water container until it shows roots
for easier planting.

When do you Harvest Oregano and how

You can harvest the leaves during regular growing season (over the Summer) as you need, but as mentioned before, for a more potent taste, harvest the leaves and dry them.


Storing Oregano and how to use it

Store the dried leaves in an airtight container to avoid mold due to the humidity in the air. If you care for a less potent taste you can also freeze your fresh leaves but make sure, if using the freezer method, that your leaves are washed and dried off well before freezing to avoid freezer burn.

Medicinal use : Oregano

Oregano is a natural Antibiotic and powerful Antioxidant. It can assist to help lower cholesterol and is

used for respiratory tract disorders such as coughs, asthma, croup, and bronchitis. *R

Oregano is also known to relax nerves and settles upset stomachs when used as a Tea. For that, use 1 Teaspoon of fresh Oregano leaves to one cup of water. Boil the Water and steep for 3 minutes. You may want to add a little honey for a sweeter taste.

Oregano when used as an oil, can be taken by mouth for intestinal pain like allergies, sinus problems, arthritis and during cold and flu season it will be giving you relieve due to it’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

The oil can also help when used on your skin for conditions like acne, ringworm and athletes foot, it can help with insect bites, muscle pain and other skin problems.

A word of caution though. Pregnant woman and those with allergies to plants in the Lamiaceae family, including basil, hyssop, lavender, marjoram, mint, and sage should NOT make use of this Oil.

To assure you are getting the medicinal Oil that is the purest and highest quality 100% Pure Essential Oil anywhere, go here


How to harvest your own Oregano Seeds

When having Oregano in your garden it will self seed and there is no need to do anything but to wait till spring. When you see the new seedlings you may want to plant them into the spot that you have created for your Oregano. The easiest way to keep Oregano plants around is to cut a few stems, put them in water or moist soil for the stems to root. This is also a great method to continue a plant indoors during the Winter, just make sure you have it on a full sun exposed Window sill and water accordingly. Remember, let the soil dry out on top before giving it a good watering. I usually take the pot once a week and soak it in a water bucket, dunk it under Water and wait until the air bubbles subside, take the pot out let it drain and put it back in to it’s spot.

Cheers Andrea

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