healthiest cooking oil – which one is it?

According to WebMD and the American Heart Association it is Olive Oil

You can use it for almost any kind of cooking and extra-virgin olive oil (also called EVOO) can help fight inflammation and lower your blood pressure, what in turn can lower your risk of heart disease. EVOO is loaded with antioxidants and since it is able to improve the health of your blood vessels, it prevents blood clots.

I have been using this oil all my life , but also like it to be flavored to give the dishes a little extra kick, so here I will share how you can make an easy herb infused olive oil yourself.

how to make herb infused olive oil – what do you need

start by harvesting your herbs. when harvesting your own herbs in the garden or your container garden make sure to do so in the early morning after the due has left and the twigs or leaves are dry. If you use wet herbs it will make the oil milky and after a very short time the oil is inedible.

If you need to wash your herbs make sure you let them dry before using. In case, you like to speed up the process of drying you can do so quickly in the Microwave. ( one stem of herb will take 1 minute )

  • Herbs
  • ball jar
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pretty bottle

place all herbs in a clean ball jar and make sure that you are leaving a little room on the top so nothing will get stuck between the glass and the lit when closing otherwise you will not able to seal the jar and the air can cause the oil to get bad very quickly

fill your glass with extra virgin olive oil and make sure all herbs are covered.

close your jar tight and place on to a sunny window sill.

Let your oil sit for 2-3 weeks, then you may take out the herbs and fill the oil into a pretty bottle for easy poor. If you like to keep the herbs in your jar you have to make sure that they are at all times covered with oil, so after every use you should refill the jar with oil.

For Herb Oil Recipes


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4 Replies to “healthiest cooking oil – which one is it?”

  1. When I clicked to the link in order to comment the website, I’ve got some error. I think this can be improved in order to boost the credibility.  On the other hand I found the topics very interesting. Very good information about using eco friendly products as well good tips in how to clean the house.

  2. Thank you 

    What a great idea and one I had never thought about. Can I ask if you need the jar to be dark glass? I have heard previously that Olive Oil goes rancid in heat but a dark bottle or can will stop this. I will definitely share this idea with my family who all love using Olive Oil on salads etc. Could you also use spices?

    Thank you again

    1. hello Imelda. I would suggest to use a dark glass Container if you are not using the oil frequently, because you have heard right the Oil can get bad when in a hot place. If you want to use spices the end result will not be very flavor full as the oils of the fresh herbs are the ones that will give it the flavor. I hope this helped. 


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