greenUP box – review

PRODUCT NAME: greenUP box subscription ( ships every 2 months )

: $39.95

A Box on a mission, reduce your plastic footprint and get inspired to go plastic free with great alternative products.

If you are looking for ways to go #byeplastic while supporting small businesses and brands that are focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly products, then this is the box for you!

Each box comes with products that are intentionally curated around 6 life areas , are Eco friendly and an alternative to plastic. greenUP works with brands that have walked them thru their process on how they are creating sustainability and are ethical manufactures. These brands are helping manufacturers learn how to reduce plastic throughout their entire supply chain.

My Summer Box included:

SPF 30 sunscreens by Eir NYC, it is water resident, has a subtle scent of cocoa and is easy to apply

A copper water bottle made in India by H&J ayurvedic (Coronavirus only lives up to 4 hours on copper vs. 7 days on stainless steel) It is a very stylish bottle with a large opening that can fit full size ice cubes.

Kokoa Botanics deoderant that is aluminum free, and biodegradable. No strong scent and does the job

1 Organic cotton french net bag that is amazing, is strong enough to hold groceries but is also stylish enough to head into town or the beach.

1 box of 9 Earth Suds body wash cubes . Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate-free. No silicone or phthalate, when used with a loofah or washcloth, one little cube will get it all done. Feels great on your skin and has no smell.

1 Set of 8 Bamboo straws in a cotton pouch , great way to have your straws on the go or to share with friends. Straws came with a straw cleaner.


Each Item in the box comes with a description and some with directions on how to use them. For example : The Earth suds came with an explanation on how they got inspired to create EarthSuds.

Company Names and websites are included for all products so you can easily reorder what you liked.

Not many manufacturers are from the US but when asked that question I found out that unfortunately the manufacturing of Eco friendly products in the US is extremely limited.


to support sustainability and live environmentally friendly this is a great box to find companies that share these values and get Products to keep you informed and educated about how and with what we can go #plasticfree

to get started check out the next box here


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