Essential Oils – Lavender

It is almost funny that when ever I smell Lavender I inadvertently think “Massage” and relaxation, but their is so much more to this lovely herb and medicinal plant.

Lavender is one of the most versatile plants I know of, save even for Children and elder People that can benefit from its effects to Mind, Body and Soul, without almost no side effects when used properly.

The “real” Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) originated in the french Alps and Provence, Spain Morocco and Argentina. It likes calcareous and low in nutrients areas that you find in those Countries and up to this day the Landscapes are full with wild lavender.

These days you can find Lavender even in our Backyards and Gardens and if you have not had a lavender plant you may want to consider adding it to your space they are easy to grow and need little care besides giving your Herb Garden or Patio a nice purple color spot is also will help to keep away Mosquitoes Aunts and Lise because they do not like the Scent.


Essential Oil Lavender Benefits

The precious lavender Oil is produced thru Water distillation in which you use the flower panicales and stems.

The Oil can be used in difusers, added to your Bath, it can be used in lotions and Soaps and so much more. The oil will work thru your Skin or your respiratory tract. It will help you with little cuts and burns as well as insect bites and inflammation.

You can use it when washing your laundry ( it will keep the Moth’s away) add it to your iron while ironing mix it into your shampoo ( it will help with hair grows) and so on, you get the hint. It is versatile and powerful !

When buying Oils it is important to get the purest oils as well as purchasing it from a place that will harvest or buy the harvest, from sustainable growers if you are looking to benefit from what it has to offer. For the Best Oils on the Market today you can check it out here.


What do Essential Oils do – Lavender

I would like to touch a few of the most common areas where you can utilize lavender effectively and I can tell you I am using it all the time .

  • In the Garden: it will keep away Mosquitoes, Ants and Lise, and will add a nice color point for many Years to grow
  • In your Home: fresh cut flowers ( should be cut in the morning) will fill your home with a light scent and give it a calm and relaxed feeling. When dried you can use them in little bags and put them in your drawers or closet. ( it will keep moth away) when put under your mattress or pillow you will be able to take advantage of it’s “sleep aid”. Ad Oils to your difuser in your bedroom and relax.
  • In the Kitchen: Lavender Butter. It is a great change of pace compared to the store bought butter and is great when used on white bread, potatoes Meat or Fish. Even scones will take a more elegant flavor when paired with Lavender butter. You can even make a Sweet Lavender Butter if you like.
  • Seasoned Lavender Salt: When using Lavender Salt you will support your digestion and regulate the intestine. Just be careful and use it in small amounts because otherwise it will start to taste bitter.
  • Lavender Jam: Great with Bread, or in Cookies and very easy to make.
  • In the Bathroom: If you have kids that are restless or maybe even you have trouble going to sleep at night, or if you are under a lot of stress, are sore from your workout or are suffering from rheumatism, add Lavender to your bath and relax.Lavender bathing adative

Lavender Oil and where to purchase

As mentioned before when buying Lavender oil or ANY oil for that matter make sure you purchase from an ethical Company. This means the Company considers issues such as working condition, fair trade, sustainable production and of course the environment and the welfare of animals and our mother earth.

My Favorite is Jade Bloom. They are not just very transparent in how they do business, but have pure products and are always open to answer any questions clearly to customers and respond in a timely matter. There is no MLM to get freebies that you will have to sign up for ( actually they have almost every week a freeby with purchase).

Check out their Kashmir Lavander Shampoo or the healing Ointment they offer or the Nightmare for kids will love them.

If you like to learn more sign up for their Newsletter or create a free Account to take advantage of their online University where you will learn anything about Essential oils and to top it of are able to earn free oils. You will learn why some Companies have cheaper prices and what the differences are. You will learn how to’s and do’s and don’t’s. Give it a look.

Essential Oil just for the “smell” of NOW

in case you are just browsing thru or don’t want to create your own essentials with natural ingredients but would like to try them out I would like to share a few of my favorite Companies with you.

Alpine Provisions” target=”_blank”>Alpine Provisions makes Body wash and deodorant from clean Castile soap

Lavender Waters” target=”_blank”> Alteya Organics is an award-winning organic skin care brand

Pangea Organics” target=”_blank”>Pangea Organics has all natural skincare. Castile soaps, lotions and face wash

till next time,

be kind, be safe be wonderful

Cheers :


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