Environment Friendly-What is a friendly Environment

More and more people are trying to find out how to be Environmentally Friendly, and by researching this Topic will see a lot of information. I like to start with the definition for en·vi·ron·ment . It is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant live or operates.

So let’s talk about this

What is a friendly Environment

A Friendly Environment is a place that is friendly, harmonic with a “feel good” touch, a place where you like to be. It should be everywhere! Your home, work, garden, city or the vacation spot you like.

It is their where you can thrive, where the family comes together, friends gather and you can breathe.

It also needs to be within you.

If you feel that knot in your stomach when you enter a room but you are not sure why? That means the environment in that Room or that Place has something that makes it unfriendly for you.

Today I want to concentrate on One Space and that is your Space at Work.

Something that I have learned the hard way and want to share so that hopefully I can save someone from going thru the same pain and ongoing Health issues that I am still dealing with.

I am a Cancer Survivor taking back my Life

Toxic Work Environment


This is a Phrase I had never heard before.

What does that mean ?

After researching the matter I found that almost all articles are going back to the Work place and how Employers can change the Environment in which Employees are working in, but what about the Employees themselves, the People, YOU.?

A Toxic work Environment is a place where you feel down, not acknowledged, where you can try your hardest but are never good enough. Do your Co workers commiserate with each other? Does your Boss show favoritism, are the Expectations lined out in their entirety and stay that Way or do they keep changing? Is the Equipment you are working with up to par? Are the Systems working efficiently? Those are just some questions you should ask yourself. Listen to your Gut.

For me it was the Headaches, the depression and Anxiety, the not be able to sleep, drinking too much and eat out of frustration. Then the Bombshell. Cancer. Don’t’ wait for your Bombshell .

There are two things that I believe you can do

Quit and find a new Job or find out

How to create a healthy work Environment

Start with cleaning up your work Space.

If you are working on a Desk I always suggest having a Plant (a real one) on your Desk. The color green is known for its soothing and refreshing impact on your psychological health.

Get organized.

I always say ” everything has a home” so your Computer has its place, your pens are either in your drawer or in a pretty container on your desk (try a small Vase or Glass). Papers and everything else you need to be productive at work should have a home.

Be nice to everyone.

I know that may be a challenge but I am a true believer in what I give out I will get back. So Even though, these pestering Co-workers are gossiping about you, keep on smiling.

Make yourself feel good:

This can be a challenge if you are working in a casual work environment. But try to just wear something comfy yet fashionable. For example instead of Jeans and a T-Shirt make it Jeans and a pretty Blouse.

If your a woman wear Mascara, even though it takes a second out of your morning, As a Man try to wear that aftershave you like. You will be surprised what it does to your mood if you just take a moment and do something for yourself .

These are just examples on what you can do. think about what will make you happy at work and than just go for it.

Last but not least

How to become more aware

Look at you and your Space you work in objectively, be honest. Do you like the Company and what it stands for? Do you like your co-workers and do they treat you well? Sit at your Workplace, close your eyes and ask yourself, “How do I feel”?

Then look in the mirror and tell / ask yourself do I really like who I am when I go to work, come from work, while I am at work?

Start writing down what effects you at work, make 2 columns, one for the good things and one for the not so good things. Do that for a week and then reflect on that, preferably in a Place you call your good place. Could be a Park, your Bedroom, or your Car.

Ask your Partner or Friends what they see. Ask them what they think of you when coming home from work,how you talk about your job? take note of their responses and make sure to tell them to be honest and not to worry about maybe hurting your feelings. You want to know the truth.

Then write down your Goals, what is your priority, what are your dreams what is your plan


Peace, Love and Harmony. That is what you deserve and nothing else.

Meditate! Yes meditate and listen to your inner self. Don’t’ be afraid to jump Ship if that is what your heart tells you to do. There will always be a way to make money their will always be a Company that will have a positive work Environment. Put yourself and your health first. Because you are no good to anyone or yourself when your Environment makes you ill. You have ONE Life, live it well.


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