Environment friendly- ways to start to reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recylce

This is not a “new” Term but by my own experience when I ask people where their recycle bin is I still hear to often, just throw it in the trash. Since that just does not fit in my mindset I almost always automatically ask” why do you not recycle? ” and the general answer has mostly to do with laziness. Yes I call the people that do not recycle lazy and ignorant. How , in this time and age can anyone still believe that our Earth will be around for ever if we keep treating it as garbage Dump and taking it for granted.

I am not going to rant here right now but by blood always starts boiling when I am talking about how our Mother Nature is being treated. So I am going to walk you thru some ways on how to be more Eco friendly, and give you a reason or at least an explanation as to why ! .



Start by looking in to your Garbage Can. Is their a lot of unwanted mail like the unsolicited Advertising, VAL-Paks , Credit Card Offers? Go on line or pick up the phone and unsubscribe . You can use Websites like www.treehugger.com to find out ways to stop the mailings.


Please, by all means STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS!

This is one of the easiest ways to start reducing waste. How hard is it to have a few Cotton Bags in the Car when going shopping or even better if you are lucky enough you could use a pull Cart and walk to you nearest Groceries store and fill it up. You are not just reducing waste with not using Plastic bags but also reduce pollution by not starting up your Car for a drive of a few blocks to your store and you are doing your health a Favor with a little Exercise. Want to know more facts about Plastic Waste check out https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/05/plastics-facts-infographics-ocean-pollution/ for starters.



No more Plastic Containers.

Shop in Bulk and use Glass Containers like Ball Jars or any other Glass Jars to store your Dry Food like Pasta, Oatmeal Rice etc. Not just will you reduce waste but the Cupport may actually look better.

To make it even more clear


How hard is it to get a few reusable stainless Steele Water Bottles? i have started to use my pretty Glasses that are usually in the Cupboard for special occasions, when I am writing i am using the Gasses i have picked up at Yard Sales, but also have found thru research , that the Hydro Flask Water bottle is one of the favorites out there. It has a Double Wall Vacuum, is Insulated Stainless Steel with Wide Mouth and BPA Free Straw and Lid. Don’t just take by word for it check out the reviews fro m Backpacker.com they stated:

“The Hydro Flask 24 oz bottle is the Standard Mouth version of a hugely popular line of insulated bottles. The Standard Mouth has a narrow mouth for easy sipping that doesn’t drench your shirt, and the bottle is slim enough to fit in any cup holder or backpack pocket. It has a brushed coat finish and comes in many colors.

“The bottle claims 24 hours of icy cold and up to 12 hours of hot, and I know this is the stat everyone cares about. It met the mark for hot, and went well beyond for cold.”

I have mine ordered and can’t wait to get it in to by hands. Especially when out and about.


Stop buying paper towels and get some reusable Clothe wipes. I personally like Microfiber wipes for dusting hard Services since it will literally attract the dust and I can shake the clothe out the Window and keep going.

In the kitchen I have a regular kitchen clothe that I also use in the Bathroom and for the rest of my House cleaning. The ones for the Floor are just a bit larger.

Want to clean your Shoes or Leather Purse? Use and old Sock or cotton T-Shirt, The old bath towel that has seen better days also will be happy to help with polishing any of your faucets. I dare you to try it .

Start repairing things rather then discarding and buying new. It’s really not that hard to sew together a small tear in your Shirt or change out a Zipper in your pants, if you are absolutely challenged in that area there are many tailors that will be happy to do it for you. They may cost a few bucks but it is still cheaper then new and more Eco Friendly.

Egg Cartons can be made into small planters or donated to schools that will use them in their Art Projects,

Put the Egg Shells in your Watering Can while watering your Houseplants or in the Garden. Tomatoes especially like that extra Calcium.

Used Coffee grounds can be used in your garden as Fertilizer which improves drainage, water retention and helps with aeration in the soil. It also can be used to repel ants, slugs and other bugs. There are many uses you can check out at www.consumeraffairs.com

Start a Compost

If you are lucky and have a Garden I sure hope you already have a Compost. I used to have one while still living in my house and then had to get creative when I moved to a Townhouse with only a small Porch. I have a Plastic Bucket that is collecting my Compost that I had started last year, this Year I was able to use the Soil and restarted it. For now the Pumpkin and Squash seeds are loving it and showing off there lush Leaves. ( It is Summer right now )


Now we are going to the one thing literally EVERYONE can and should be doing. In case you are just getting started go to your local Department of Environmental Conservation Website. Every state, every County and Town have different regulations on how to recycle and what goes in the Bins or should be separated. For example I live in NY and use www.dec.ny.gov.

Than start thinking.!!!

Can I use this glass bottle for my home made Salad Dressing or put it in the Bin, how about that Cardboard box? What about those Shoes and Clothe. ???

Yes Textile reuse and Recycling is HUGE

per the DEC.NY ( I live in NY )

“The potential market value of all these materials is almost $210,000,000”

Textile recycling:

  • Decreases the amount of trash we bury in landfills (saving landfill space.);
  • Reduces greenhouse gases;
  • Saves natural resources, including water and petroleum; and
  • Reduces toxins. Cotton is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world.

So go ahead donate your old drapes, ripped Jeans Shoes pillows etc to non-profit organizations like “Good Will” or “Salvation Army” and know that you made a difference.

Think before you buy AND before you throw away

Come up with your own ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Share one of your own Ideas below and hopefully get inspired by some Ideas you will find here from others.

Remember :

The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place

Source: EPA

Peace , Love and Harmony


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