Environment friendly – houseplants that clean air

I am a true believer that every room needs a plant. Not just because the color green represents calm, nature, relieves stress and help heal, but it just brightens up a room brings us closer to Nature, especially if you are living in a big City .

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in your favorite Chair next to your own Palm tree, relaxing, reading a Book? It clams you after a long day at work.

Plants also have an effect on your Environment. First off with their color. Some studies have shown that people that are working in a green Environment have less Stress and are less sick. Second, indoor plants can help with our indoor air quality by getting rid of some indoor air pollution.

The American Heart Association stated in one of their Forms

“The air in your home can be dirty and hazardous to your health. In fact, indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors.”

So Let’s look at some of my findings and Practices I have in my own Home.

Houseplants for air quality

How can my Houseplant help with air pollution in my house you may ask. I find the easiest way to explain it is to describe how the Leaf of a plant works.

Leaves provide food and air to help a plant stay healthy and grow. Through photosynthesis, leaves turn light energy into food. Through pores, or stomata, leaves “breathe” in carbon dioxide and “breathe” out oxygen. Leaves also release excess water, much like our sweat. Look at them as the air filter of Nature. We need the Oxygen to breath, they give it to us.

What Plants to grow

if you are anything like my daughter you may be starting to get chills and say you don’t know how to keep a plant alive. No worries I will give you some Ideas with plants that are easy to grow and keep. I have them all in my own home. Every Plant has a purpose and is placed in a room where it will do its best.

The Spider Plant

This Plant you can pretty much be put in any Spot in your home. I actually have them all over, from Kitchen to Living room and Bedroom even in my Bathroom. It makes a great hanging plant to green up your Walls. Unless you want a Jungle within a Year you want to make sure that you trim the Baby Trunks, that will help to keep the “mommy” Plant healthy and lush but also keeps your Plant under Control. I often grow the Baby’s separate and gift them to people in a pretty Pot.

In the Kitchen

The Aloe Vera

This is a MUST have plant the House. She will be happy on any Window sill. Water every 3 Weeks and Spray during the Winter month. This Plant with its fleshy leaves is great to have around. I am constantly touching a hot plate or grab something the wrong way out of the oven so for first aid with burns the kitchen is the best Spot for her. Cut part of the leave and squeeze the juice on to the burn, it will immediately take away the pain and minimize a blister.

Your living room

Weeping Fig Tree also knows as Ficus Tree

This Plant is easy to care for. Water when the top of the Soil is dry. It likes bright Light but no drafts. When you move a ficus he most likely will lose some leaves because they do not like to be relocated. I would suggest finding a “home” for it and leave it. Ficus grows rapidly and therefor needs Fertilizer once a month. This Tree can grow up to several feet high and is perfect for a Corner in your Living Room. In some Studies its been found that he can help filter out pollutants that typically accompany carpeting and furniture such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Next is the Rubber Fig or as commonly known Rubber Tree .

This Tree is another easy House Plant that likes it not to bright but some light will not hurt him. Water when soil is dry and if you like to keep the large leaves looking shiny wipe him down with a little water or Beer. Yes I said Beer it makes the leaves shine and will not clog the pores. Mine is next to the TV and loves that indirect light. In a Study by NASA

The large leaves can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, making them harmless. They absorb exhaled carbon dioxide and convert it to breathable oxygen.

The Bedroom

The Snake Plant

The perfect Plant for the Bedroom. She releases oxygen at night to help you sleep better. With very little need for light and watering every few weeks she is the top pick for many as an air purifying Plant. The long leaves will grow straight up so you do not need a huge place for it.

Think why and where

With these few Tips above think about the reason you are buying a plant or how to set up your home to make it more Environment friendly. My thing is, ” Every plant has a purpose”. What can I do to make my home more Eco friendly, for beauty, air quality or better sleep? Happy plant shopping, and as always, if you have questions or Commends please let me know below.

Peace, love and Harmony


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