DIY – Orange Pine Cones

Orange Pine Cones

What you will need:

  • several dried Pine Cones (from your back Yard or the ones you pick up while on a walk.)
    1 large zip – top bag ( or in my world a large bowl that has an air tight top)
  • 4 oz Witch Hazel
  • 4 oz glass spray bottle
  • 40 drops of Orange Oil ( or any other Oil you like for the Season)

How to :

  1. 1. Add Orange Essential Oil to the Witch Hazel.
  2. 2. Pour into the 4 oz spray bottle and shake well.
  3. 3. Spray pine cones liberally and place in a large zip-top bag ( or a large bowl with air tight lid )
  4. 4. Allow your blend to set for 24-48 hours.
  5. 5. Place in a decorative bowl for a festive fall look or place in a cone in a mesh bag and hang in your Closet or any other room you would like to enjoy the scent.
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