What are Essential Oils and how to Use Essential Oils


Essential oils are made from parts of certain plants such as leaves, herbs, barks, and rinds. These concentrated plant extracts retain the natural smell also called ” essence” of their source. Makers use different methods such as distillation or presses to concentrate the plant parts into oils.

With their specific immune strengthening properties many essential oils will work directly to fortify the immune response and some can eradicate the bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. Continue reading “What are Essential Oils and how to Use Essential Oils”

when seasons change- fall season 1

Whenever the seasons change, if from winter into spring and summer or from summer into fall I get inspired to initiate change in my life. I am ready.

Ready to change my diet, start a new exercise routine, I clean out the closets and move the over sized Sweaters to the front the Jeans and boots are getting dusted off and the hand knitted Scarves I have been waiting to wear since I finished knitting them are right next to them.

The fresh crisp cold air invites to a bonfire hot cocoa and warm Tea. It is the time to pick apples and review your Recipe book for those comfort foods, Stews and homemade breads.

The scents in my diffusers and candles change, the warm Blankets will find their home on the Couch, ready to warm up cold bones .

Fall season 1 – fall season change


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

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100% Pure Essential Oil (Therapeutic) – Tea Tree review

Tea Tree (Australian)

100% Pure Essential Oil

  • $6.96 10ml
  • Scientific name : Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Oil origin : Tree, leaves
  • Extraction : Steam distillation
  • Aroma : Sharp, medicinal, camphoraceous
  • Odor strength : Very high
  • Evaporation : Top note
  • Origin : Australia


I have grown up with natural Oils and Remedies used in Europe, when I came to the US I was on the search for Oils that have the same quality and results that I have been used to. After many tries I found Jade Bloom a few Years back and that is the Company who is now my GO TO for everything. Continue reading “100% Pure Essential Oil (Therapeutic) – Tea Tree review”

Homemade Lavender Water – recipe

  • 100 drops ( 5 ml ) Lavender Oil
  • 5 drops Peppermint Oil
  • 1 1/2 fluid oz ( 45 ml ) high proof Vodka
  • 20 oz distilled Water

Blend the oils with the Vodka in a small glass bowl. Stir well to make sure all ingredients are blended well. Pour water into a large glass bottle, add oil mixture to water. Shake well and use.


The linen water may be a bit cloudy but that is normal and will not stain your Clothe or Linen.


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