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CitraSolv – natural multi – purpose cleaner

Citra Solv is certainly the most versatile all-purpose cleaner I have ever come across. If you want to start your Eco friendly house cleaning with just one Cleaner, I suggest going with Citra Solv.

This natural cleaner promises to clean 14 different types of surfaces, ranging from ceramics to upholstery and aluminum to outdoor surfaces it’s ability to speedily break down grease, makes it the favorite for me around the Oven and Kitchen as well as my Art Studio and Outdoors.
You can use Citra Solv for cleaning brushes, tools, equipment, and clothing it litterly is an ALL PURPOSE cleaner

I use the concentrated product and dilute it to my liking.

Less for Glass and Vinyl and stronger for bigger greasy messes in kitchen and outdoors.

The light Citrus smell makes everything smell fresh and will delight your senses.

It also is light on your Wallet, since the dilution for general cleaning starts with 1/8 oz. ( 3/4 Teaspoon) citra Solv to 23oz of Water so a 8oz bottle will last you quite a while even if you have major cleaning projects.

I always have a Glass Spray bottle with this Cleaner handy .


Chemical sensitivities? no problem, Citra Solv contains D-Limonene (a clear liquid derived from orange peel), Five Fold Orange Oil, and a biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut. No animal-based ingredients are used in its manufacture and no testing is conducted on animals.



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5 Replies to “Best Cleaning Supplies for home – Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products”

  1. Wow, its the first for me seeing an eco friendly cleaning product. I’m very glad that it can be used for different surfaces and jg is also chemical free. Cutrasolv is definitely the real deal to help me. I’ll just replace it with the other cleaner at home. I am one who is sensitive about the environment so getting this product is a must for me. Thanks for putting this up!

    1. Henderson, 

      you will love it. As I stated if you only want one product to help with most of your house cleaning, start with CitraSolv. . Your wallet will appreciate it as well 

  2. This gas come at a much more needed period and I’m glad that I came across this post. Citrasolv seems to be a great product that can be used to clean all the surfaces as stated in this post and I needed something like this to help clean my room. I just got back after the school period and everywhere has gone up in dust. I like the fact that it is animal testing free and that has awarded it much more respect from me. THANKS

    1. Let us know how your cleaning went. You will also like the light citrus smell that comes after you cleaned everything. Hello Dorm room . You may just have the first that smells great 😉 

  3. Having dogs, children and a generally busy six person family, means that we get through a decent amount of cleaning products on a weekly basis. Kitchen, bathroom, floors and outdoors, not to mention ‘oily’ hands due to two of us enjoying some time working on cars. I have long wanted to move over to something more eco-friendly as we are making inroads into becoming a more ‘responsible’ household when it comes to the environment.

    Years ago I used to work in a ‘Bowling alley’ and we used specific products for certain cleaning jobs. A rep came round one day and introduced me to a product that had ‘orange’ as a main ingredient. Back then I had no idea of the benefits. Now, here we are twenty years later and ‘orange’ is still going strong. Being able to dilute according to the strength needed as each job requires, is a huge deal. It makes it very cost effective. Definitely a step in the right direction.

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