Family Gift Ideas and more environmentally friendly inspiration

It is the Season of Gift-giving , Family gatherings, Friends to celebrate, Neighbors to visit.

Unfortunately this all comes at a steep price for our Planet and the overall Environment.

So why not make this a greener and Eco friendly Season. I have gathered some of my favorite Tips and Inspirations and hope that you may find some of them worth duplicating.

Buy Locally

Buying local may not just help you find just THAT unique Gift that is nowhere else to be found but will also help you increase your walk score in addition to lowering your carbon footprint. In case, you are unable to find what you had been looking for, it will be better for the environment if you drive to the closest Mall rather than buying online and getting every gift delivered separately from different Websites. If you use rush delivery when using online orders keep in mind that emptier trucks are delivering to fewer Customers what will result in more gasoline being used resulting in a high carbon footprint.

So think Eco-frienldy and invest in the environment and your local community.

Unique gift wrapping – Eco friendly

When it comes to wrapping your Gifts try to stay away from the commercial Gift wrap. It is made to be thrown away, so its not exactly environmentally friendly. Sustainability means to use what you have. See if you like some following Options.

Reuse Gift wrapping from previous Years. I have taught my kids from very small on not to rip open a gift ( to me that is also very rude ) but to carefully open it and safe the wrapping paper it came in. Even if it is a little wrinkled you could reuse part of it or cut out any visuals that are on the paper and glue them to your “new” wrapping.

You could take a brown paper bag, cut it open and use the plain side as an au natural look or you can spice it up with some stamping,drawing or cut-outs.( get the kids involved, they will love the attention their creations will bring out from the person in the receiving end )

If you have any Fabric in the house, or maybe an old blouse, handkerchief, Bandannas and so on, you can make a creative gift wrap out of them. Start with a square and tie a Ribbon around it, voila, a one of a kind gift wrap.

I am giving a collection of natural lotions, body and hair wash to one of my receivers and included a nice fluffy Bathrobe for a “Spa” day at home, so I took the Rope, laid it flat and wrapped it around all the glass bottles and Tubs using the Rope tie to bind it all together by tying it like a Bow.

You can use the funnies from your Sunday Paper to wrap the kids presents in,

reuse the pretty Glass Jar from your Candles, the old fashion road maps,an earring that lost its partner as bling to make the bow shine .

The sky is the limit, look around your home and get creative

Give gifts that keep giving – Gifts that make a difference

How about a Gift Certificate to a Spa or Movie Tickets, give the Gift for a Theater visit or the Zoo

How about adopting a Wale for the kids – now their you make a huge difference. There are also Turtles Elephants and other animals you can “adopt”. Think of that favorite animal and give it a quick google search you will be amazed what you will find.WWF has over 50 Species to choose from

Create your own gift Certificate for a free housecleaning for Grandma or a Weekend of Baby sitting to give the young parents a break. Rather than hustling thru the stores or Websites trying to figure out what would be fitting think of what that person may have mentioned they would like to do or need.

giving clothing? choose the sustainable Companies.

I know you will have some great Gifts to give.

Eco friendly decorations

Forget about the tinsel and shiny plastic decor. Go natural, rustic. Choose pine cones for table decorations, plants and branches, check out the thrift shop for old Sleds and decor or ask your grandparents what they may have in the Attic. Try to think minimal , less is more and when buying decorations make sure you will be using them Year after Year.

recycle, reuse, reduce.

During the Holidays we also know that their will be a lot of food, most of the time too much of it. So make sure you send your guest home with some leftovers. Give a plate to a lonely neighbor and take any unopened cookies,cans or dry food goods to your local Shelter. They will surly appreciate that.

make sure you put your recyclable items in the right bins if you can not reuse or re purpose them.

Happy Holidays


DIY – Orange Pine Cones

Orange Pine Cones

What you will need:

  • several dried Pine Cones (from your back Yard or the ones you pick up while on a walk.)
    1 large zip – top bag ( or in my world a large bowl that has an air tight top)
  • 4 oz Witch Hazel
  • 4 oz glass spray bottle
  • 40 drops of Orange Oil ( or any other Oil you like for the Season)

How to :

  1. 1. Add Orange Essential Oil to the Witch Hazel.
  2. 2. Pour into the 4 oz spray bottle and shake well.
  3. 3. Spray pine cones liberally and place in a large zip-top bag ( or a large bowl with air tight lid )
  4. 4. Allow your blend to set for 24-48 hours.
  5. 5. Place in a decorative bowl for a festive fall look or place in a cone in a mesh bag and hang in your Closet or any other room you would like to enjoy the scent.

when seasons change- fall season 1

Whenever the seasons change, if from winter into spring and summer or from summer into fall I get inspired to initiate change in my life. I am ready.

Ready to change my diet, start a new exercise routine, I clean out the closets and move the over sized Sweaters to the front the Jeans and boots are getting dusted off and the hand knitted Scarves I have been waiting to wear since I finished knitting them are right next to them.

The fresh crisp cold air invites to a bonfire hot cocoa and warm Tea. It is the time to pick apples and review your Recipe book for those comfort foods, Stews and homemade breads.

The scents in my diffusers and candles change, the warm Blankets will find their home on the Couch, ready to warm up cold bones .

Fall season 1 – fall season change

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi






Not just the physical change is important to me during this time, it is also the Season when the Harvest Moon shows up, always a little later in the evening than the other full moons during the Year, days became shorter and nights longer following the Autumnal Equinox. This is the time when I feel the need to shed negative thought patterns and rid myself of anything that is making me feel uncomfortable.

It could be work, friends, a Chair in my house that just does not feel right, a Jacket that does not fit or food in the Fridge that just does not call my name. I seem to be much more entuned with my intuition during Fall and many major changes have taken place in my life during that time.

For me Fall is my blank canvas, it’s my inspiration. It gives me energy inspiration, motivation and courage

Change keeps us alive and in the present, it keeps us going and is the only constant you can rely on, so embrace it, honor it, do not fear it ! move with the change and you will learn that just like mother nature, things need to come to an end to make room for the next new. It is not a time of “the end” it is a time of rebirth.

Listen to your inner voice, now that the hustle and bustle of the Summer is dying down and it is more quiet, it is easier to focus and look inside yourself. Reflect on what lays behind and focus on change, use the change of season and it’s energy to move forward.

Fall season 1 –

best essential oils for fall

Lavender Fine


Lavender Fine has a more refined, complex scent than most lavenders it’s refined aroma, making it ideal for aromatic blending. When you blend Orange, Vanilla, and Cinnamon with your Lavender Fine it will cozy up your home in no time.

Therapeutic benefits include:

  • Promotes calm and relaxation.
  • Helps relieve nervous tension and worry.
  • Helps smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.





Cinneman oil has a warm, sweet aroma, it reminds of warm cozy days in the kitchen while cookies are baking in the oven and will give you a feeling of comfort.

Therapeutic benefits include:

  •  antibacterial
  • anti fungal
  • anti-diabetic
  • and antioxidant properties




Spiced Orange

Orange oil has a light citrus scent and when applied topically can promote detoxification and have a positive effect on helping your body during times of wellness and cold season. It is best known for balancing moods and reducing stress.

Therapeutic uses include:


  • Colds and flu
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Stress



There are many other Essential Oils for this beautiful Season and I only named the first three that I have stocked up on in my house for now. You know best what will make you feel warms and fuzzy, relaxed and in tuned with you inner change. Be bold, get ready and experiment and than share with the rest of the World what your findings are.

Fall season 1 – fall craft ideas

Mother Nature is showing us the beauty of change and with that as mentioned before my creative side is coming out. Not just for me but with the other Holiday right around the corner, I like to share some of my Ideas as gifts with Friends and Family so I always create a few extra. Here is just a little teaser from my Idea book with the Hope you may run with it and make your own little personal creations.

Orange Pine Cones

What you will need:

  • several dried Pine Cones (from your back Yard or the ones you pick up while on a walk.)

    1 large zip – top bag ( or in my world a large bowl that has an air tight top)

  • 4 oz Witch Hazel
  • 4 oz glass spray bottle
  • 40 drops of Orange Oil ( or any other Oil you like for the Season)

How to :

  1. Add Orange Essential Oil to the Witch Hazel.
  2. Pour into the 4 oz spray bottle and shake well.
  3. Spray pine cones liberally and place in a large zip-top bag ( or a large bowl with air tight lid )
  4. Allow your blend to set for 24-48 hours.
  5. Place in a decorative bowl for a festive fall look or place in a cone in a mesh bag and hang in your Closet or any other room you would like to enjoy the scent.


Scented Hot Pad.

What you will need:

  • Cinnamon Leaf essential Oil,
  • Cotton pad
  • Oven mitt

How to:

Drop 4-6 drops of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil on the Cotton pad and inset into the oven mitt, use the mitt to place hot pans or casserole dishes .


Fall season1 – when seasons change

We all have out own way on what and how we are embracing the change of seasons now that I shared a tit bit with you what fall brings to my house I would love to hear what it does for you and in your home.

If you need help with anything , as always just leave your question below and I will be happy to assist.







how to – White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Laundry room

  • Add one Cup of White Vinegar to one Cup of your vavorit detergent.

Yep that is it.

The Vinegar works as a natural deodorizer and can help with removing smells from pet accidents, stinky gym clothes or mildew smells from wet Towels. It is not only good for those smells but can also be used as a natural whitener instead of bleach.

When used to whiten you need to soak your Items overnight in the mixture of one-part vinegar and 10 parts water, then wash them the following day in the rinse cycle with a 1/2 cup of vinegar.

In case, you have a Stain, you can add the Vinegar right on to the stain and wash immediately.

how to – White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Bathroom

  • Combine 1 – part Vinegar with 1-part dish soap (I like Castile soap to stay Eco friendly , plus it lifts dirt, cuts grease, and eliminates tough stains)
  • add water to dilute it if needed. It all depends on how potent you need the cleaner
  • pour into Glass Spray Bottle
  • wipe down with cotton Cloth.

If you have very tough stains like hard water, mold or rust you may use the Vinegar solution alone. Pour it directly on a Sponge or cleaning rag to wipe the stains.

When you do that be sure to wear Gloves, the potent solution can irritate your skin and nails when used undiluted.

how to – White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Stainless Steele

  • Combine 1-part vinegar with 1- part hot water in a bowl or measuring cup.
  • Pour it into a glass spray bottle
  • spray on to any stainless Steele (Appliances, pots, Tea Kettles etc.) and wipe down with a microfiber Clothe.
  • If you don’t want to spray your Appliances or have a small stainless-Steel bowl you like to clean Pour 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar onto a microfiber cloth and wipe down

how to – White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Window

Combine 1-part vinegar with 1-part hot water in a bowl or measuring cup.

  • Pour it into a glass spray bottle
  • Test your solution on a corner of the window to make sure the vinegar-water solution is strong enough to remove the grime. In case your windows are very greasy, pre-wash them with a degreasing dish soap (like Citra Solv) then follow up with the mixture.
  • Start by Spraying the solution at the top of your windowpane, try not to let the Solution drip down the window, if that happens it will not have a chance to work its magic. Let it sit for a moment before wiping down the Window.

best natural cleaning products -white Vinegar cleaning solutions

What makes Vinegar a great Cleaner ?

There are a good deal of Vinegar out there from Apple Cider vinegar to red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and so on, those are all great when it comes to cooking, White Vinegar on the other hand is the one you want for cleaning!

White Vinegar is the sharpest stuff around, so being careful when you’re cooking with it is important but, because it is comprised of acetic acid (about 5-10%) and water (about 90-95%), this aggressive acid from the Vinegar makes it a potent cleaner, just be careful. Because of its potency it may make it too strong for some types of cleaning, in which case, you can dilute it with water — or go with something milder.

You may not like the smell but no worries that will not stay around longer than a few minutes, if you don’t like it at all add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the solution and the odor will be easily cut. ( Example: mix 5 drops lemon and / or peppermint in to the glass bottle first before the Vinegar Solution for a fresh smell, or a mixture of 5 drops lavender, 2 drops wild orange, and 5 drops tea tree oil for disinfection ) You can also make your own blend.

White vinegar cleaning solution recipe

There is no “one for all” recipe, when it comes to Vinegar or for any super concentrated natural cleaning Solutions for that matter but no worry I will help you get started

Because vinegar is so acidic, it can counteract some icky buildups like grease in the kitchen or grime on your Windows. It can dissolve away soap scum, hard water, and even glue .

White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Window

Combine 1 part vinegar with 1 part hot water in a bowl or measuring cup.

  • Pour it into a glass spray bottle
  • Test your solution on a corner of the window to make sure the vinegar-water solution is strong enough to remove the grime. In case your windows are really greasy, pre-wash them with a degreasing dish soap ( like Citra Solv ) than follow up with the mixture.
  • Start by Spraying the solution at the top of your window pane, try not to let the Solution drip down the window, if that happens it will not have a chance to work its magic. Let it sit for a moment before wiping down the Window.

.White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Stainless Steele

  • Combine 1 part vinegar with 1 part hot water in a bowl or measuring cup.
  • Pour it into a glass spray bottle
  • spray on to any stainless Steele ( Appliances, pots, Tea Kettles etc. ) and wipe down with a microfiber Clothe.
  • If you don’t want to spray your Appliances or have a small stainless Steel bowl you like to clean Pour 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar onto a microfiber cloth and wipe down

Before :


White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Bathroom

  • Combine 1 part Vinegar with 1 part dish soap ( I like Castile soap to stay Eco friendly, plus it lifts dirt, cuts grease, and eliminates tough stains)
  • add water to dilute it if needed. It all depends on how potent you need the cleaner
  • pour in to Glass Spray Bottle
  • wipe down with cotton Clothe.

If you have very tough stains like hard water, mold or rust you may use the Vinegar solution alone. Pour it directly on a Sponge or cleaning rag to wipe the stains.

When you do that be sure to wear Gloves, the potent solution can irritate your skin and nails when used undiluted.

White vinegar cleaning solution recipe – Laundry room

  • Add one Cup of White Vinegar to one Cup of your detergent.

Yep that is it.

The Vinegar works as a natural deodorizer and can help with removing smells from pet accidents, stinky gym clothes or mildew smells from wet Towels. It is not only good for those smells but can also be used as a natural whitener instead of bleach.

When used to whiten you need to soak your Items overnight in the mixture of one part vinegar and 10 parts water, than wash them the following day in the rinse cycle with a 1/2 cup of vinegar .

In case, you have a Stain you can add the Vinegar right on to the stain and wash immediately.

Are you using all natural Cleaners and Vinegar? Let us know how you are using them below.

Do not use Vinegar here:


  • marble, granite, or soapstone surfaces. The acid can cause natural stone to pit and lose shine.
  • Eggs or egg spills, The acid will react with the eggs, making it more difficult to remove.


best cleaning supplies for home – best eco friendly cleaning products

CitraSolv – natural multi – purpose cleaner

Citra Solv is certainly the most versatile all-purpose cleaner I have ever come across. If you want to start your Eco friendly house cleaning with just one Cleaner, I suggest going with Citra Solv.

This natural cleaner promises to clean 14 different types of surfaces, ranging from ceramics to upholstery and aluminum to outdoor surfaces it’s ability to speedily break down grease, makes it the favorite for me around the Oven and Kitchen as well as my Art Studio and Outdoors.
You can use Citra Solv for cleaning brushes, tools, equipment, and clothing it litterly is an ALL PURPOSE cleaner

I use the concentrated product and dilute it to my liking.

Less for Glass and Vinyl and stronger for bigger greasy messes in kitchen and outdoors.

The light Citrus smell makes everything smell fresh and will delight your senses.

It also is light on your Wallet, since the dilution for general cleaning starts with 1/8 oz. ( 3/4 Teaspoon) citra Solv to 23oz of Water so a 8oz bottle will last you quite a while even if you have major cleaning projects.

I always have a Glass Spray bottle with this Cleaner handy .

Chemical sensitivities? no problem, Citra Solv contains D-Limonene (a clear liquid derived from orange peel), Five Fold Orange Oil, and a biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut. No animal-based ingredients are used in its manufacture and no testing is conducted on animals.

Buy CitraSolv here and get started on your Eco friendly house cleaning.

best cleaning supplies for the home – best eco friendly cleaning products

The Environment friendly lifestyle does not end with recycling, reducing or reusing .

We all strive to give back and make the Earth a happier and more sustainable place, but often wonder how to begin.

Often I hear the misconception that Eco – friendly living is complicated and expensive and is not as convenient

I would like to state the difference with some Products that I am using and have reviewed.



Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub


Meliora means “better things” and that is exactly what it is.

$ 10.99 at Amazon

✓ 100% Plastic-Free

✓ Dye-Free

✓ Preservative-Free

✓ Palm-Oil Free

✓ Cruelty-Free

✓ Synthetic Fragrance-Free

100% biodegradable and septic-safe.

This gentle Scrub does the job while giving back a light scent of peppermint. I am using it on my counter tops, the Stove Top and the kitchen sink also in the bathroom since it is safe for use on Ceramic tile and porcelain. No need for gloves  it’s ingredients are only baking soda and All-Purpose Home Cleaner Soap.

The scrub comes in a sustainable cardboard container. You can either use the container and sprinkle some scrub on the wet Surface, rub with a cotton cloth and then rinse of or you can do what I do and pour the Scrub in an old Peperflake container for easy access when ever you need it.

Over all this is my favorite all natural cleaning product when it comes to Kitchen and Bathroom.

*Always test a new surface in an inconspicuous area to ensure baking soda won’t scratch or harm the  finish.




Trim Mint Plants – how to trim Spearmint

If you like to taste of a nice cup of Spearmint Tea bur are not sure how or when to trim the plant here is a little help.

Spearmint vs Peppermint

Spearmint has a pleasantly sweet taste and is frequently used to flavor toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum and candy. One common way to enjoy this herb is brewed into a tea, which can be made from either fresh or dried leaves.

Both spearmint and peppermint have menthol in them but peppermint contains a higher menthol content (40% versus .05% in spearmint) what makes its flavor much stronger than Spearmint.

Spearmint is commonly used to help relieve symptoms of indigestion, nausea, vomiting and gas. Fights Bacterial Infections and may lower Blood sugar and reduce Stress.

I just like the taste of fresh mint Tea but like to know that it also has some really important health effects.

Grow Spearmint Plants

Believe it or not you can grow Spearmint indoors as well as outdoors. The most important detail to grow Spearmint is to select a container with a wide surface rather than a deep one. Mint roots are runners and if they have the room, will set roots and sprout up new plants. I would also suggest to separate plants every 2 Years so they do not start choking themselves.

If growing in the garden make sure you have them in a place where you don’t mind them to take over that part of the Yard I have mine in one of my back Corners where nothing else will grow and the roots have extended in the yard so when we mowe, the fresh mint smell spreads thru the entire backyard. ( love that smell and it keeps mosquitoes away )

Trim Mint Plant

You can harvest your Mint pretty much all Year around. Make sure you trim before they flower and during the morning when the menthol level is the highest.

Cut right above the Sprout so the new leaves will be able to grow and be ready for the next harvest

Pull the leaves down while harvesting and put them in a Strainer. You can also hang bushels of trimmings in a warm dark place to dry. I prefer the Strainer Method because the leaves are only touched once until they are muddled to tea.

Dry your Spearmint

Cover the leaves that you have in your strainer so they don’t turn brown or gray or attract other little critters. I like to keep mine on the patio when we have dry weather otherwise it goes to a dry place in the house.

It will take about a Week for the leaves to dry, you can check by turning the strainer upside down and when dry to touch the leaves are ready for storage.

Make sure you keep them in an air tight container so no moisture will get to your herb, it would start molding and that will make the Tea useless.

Spearmint Tea – health benefits for spearmint tea

Spearmint with its fresh, sweet flavor is used fresh in recipes and drinks. I love a good Mojito.

For me it is mostly used for Tea

Spearmint contains vitamins, antioxidants, and vital nutrients. The aroma is very similar to that of peppermint but it contains less menthol than peppermint, it is rich in limonene ( used to promote weight loss, prevent cancer, treat cancer, and treat bronchitis) , dihydrocarvone, and cineol and a sweeter taste than peppermint. You can drink it hot or cold.

My favorite recipe:

1 tbl spoon of dried mint

1 slice of Lemon

1 tbl spoon of Honey ( optional )

3 large Ice Cubes

put the mint leaves in a tea bag or tea egg, pour hot water of the leaves, add the slice of Lemon and honey, let sit for 3 minutes ( or longer for a stronger taste) cool of and pour over the Ice.

You can also make a large pot and let it cool overnight to enjoy the next hot Summer day.

It is refreshing and thirst quenching

Let me know how you are using your Spearmint.


how to – fashion and beauty ethically

Ethical Fashion – Ethical Fashion Designers

At this time and age I like to think that everyone wants to do better by our Planet and its habitants but most of you may not know where to begin. Education, when it comes to environment friendly lifestyles, beauty products and Fashion,is still in its baby stages and I for one want to educate my readers

It kind of hit me while cleaning out my own Closet, getting ready for a Garage Sale, on how big that pile of Clothe was that I did not fit in anymore or just have not worn in over a year. Now mind you I am not one that will shop every Season or even every Year, I also wear a lot of re gifted Items and Stuff from second hand shops , so a lot of clothes are being worn for Years but, somehow this accumulated, and (note to self ) will have to change!


Does ethical mean business – What does ethical mean in business

Ethical Fashion is a term to describe ethical fashion design, production and sales. While covering issues such as working condition, fair trade, sustainable production and of course the environment and the welfare of animals.

In 2013 a poorly maintained garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1,132 people and injuring over 2,00 others. This made world News but ever since, we do not hear much about how / IF this Industry is changing in the main News. I started digging to learn more.

Women in Bangladesh and Vietnam who are making clothes for the US$23 billion Australian fashion industry are going hungry because of wages as low as 51 cents an hour, an Oxfam report has found that Nine out of 10 workers interviewed could not afford enough food for themselves and their families and were forced to skip meals or go into debt.

Bangladesh — the world’s second-largest importer of apparel behind China is abusing local economy and poverty to employ local workers that just don’t have another choice.

The Ellen MacArthur foundation conducted a study in 2015 and revealed that 73 percent of the total material used to make clothes ended up incinerated or in Landfills. This is a major sign that the massive resource consumption is still ongoing.

Price over Quality and sustainability. Think about what price that Product may have cost the person that is putting it together for you or the animal that had the Skin that was needed, the Land the Ingredient was grown on and the method on how it made it to your Store of choice.

When you go to one of those major corporations that are buying from Bangladesh or China to purchase a shirt for cheap, a Year later that Shirt will fall apart and you throw it away or if you are not to selfish maybe give it to a Goodwill or Red Cross. Why not buy a Shirt from an ethical Fashion Producer or has the Label of fair trade, cruelty-free to name just a few. It will not cost that much more but you will feel much better knowing that you actually made a difference.

I was so happy to find that clothing manufacturers small or big alike are realizing, plenty of ways to sell fashionable clothing and accessories without destroying the environment, endanger workers, or cause suffering to animals.


Startup fashion brands focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing Hurrah !!!!!!

It is not just the Garment Industry that is changing but also the Beauty and Hair Industry as well.

The industries are moving away from the destructive practices of previous years and toward cleaner, ethical ways of making clothes and other products.

While the List of Companies still testing on animals is rather long and includes some of the largest Brands on the market.

The List of Beauty Companies that DO NOT test on animals is getting bigger every Year. See if you have their products and if not you may want to think about switching .

Keep Company and Unicorn Goods are two brands that have a large catalog of vegan shirts, Shoes, accessories, Cookbooks and much more. Smaller brands like Unreal Fur, Ahimsa, Beyond Skin are taking a more specialized approach. Rothy is making Shoes from recycled plastic bottles, The Third Estate has been at a Store front since 2005 and is a great source for the smaller budget.

Amanda Hearst’s Maison de Mode features a combination of Fair Trade, recycled, cruelty-free, and organic products

The average pair of shoes takes more than 50 years to fully decompose

Veja, Rothy’s and Allbirds are three sustainable brands that have cracked the formula for creating ethical shoes .

In Paris and London, Veja has a reputation as the “green” luxury sneaker, made with sustainable materials .

Companies are rapidly investing in alternatives to traditional clothing in order to continue the Trent towards ethical Products. Plumtech for example features a cruelty-free alternative to down feathers, and Modern Meadow a Brooklyn NY Startup, is working on developing a bio fabricated leather that is made from collagen protein and other essential building blocks found in animal skin without requiring the slaughter of animals.

H&M and Zara along with Old Navy now sell vegan clothes and Gap, Hugo Boss and Gucci no longer carry fur in their Stores.

When it comes to PETA approved products, I will have to name Hipsters For Sisters. Their products are entirely made from recycled, upcycled or deadstocked materials.

Now you know – the choice is yours

Now that you have a small overview, I hope that you are motivated to support the Companies that are working on environment friendly Fashion, Beauty, Hair and Home Products.

For a more direct support of Women that are working to get out of poverty you can start here.

If you like to not just help yourself and your wallet while cleaning out your Closet, sell your Stuff here

You see, when you start looking around and read the labels it is not that hard to make an educated choice. For a comprehensive Guide about labels click here.

Peace, Love and Harmony


What is palm oil for – alternatives for palm oil

This morning I read an Article in a German Magazine about the declining numbers of Orangutans in Indonesia and why these animals are being hunted by Farmers.

I started researching and found several other Articles like this one in the NY Times

Most of them hidden on the web hard to find unless I was looking for them. I am determent not just to share but also to educate my dear friends to escalate the awareness and do my part to awaken the public about this problem.

Palm oil production – palm oil deforestation

Palm oil is driving deforestation. The global production of palm oil is expected to grow to around 73.5 million metric tons in the marketing year 2018/2019, up from approximately 70.5 million metric tons in 2017/2018.

17 million Indonesian Farmers are working in the Palm Oil industry and we can find this fruit in every second article we buy in the supermarket.

The Issue with unsustainable Palm Oil production and its deforestation does not just destroy the Eco System but also has an impact on Human rights and Labor Laws.

Indonesia is the largest producer of Palm oil.

Most of the Farmers are not from that region but come to the forest with the hopes of a better life. They are poor and will fight for their farm with all means.

Native people who have lived in and protected the forest for generations are often brutally driven from their land.

In Indonesia, more than 700 land conflicts are related to the palm oil industry. Major Corporations often persuade the owners of the land with money and with no regards to the impact that they are making on the Environment.

The destruction of natural Eco Systems when you burn down a forest or bull dose it down to make room for more plantations, effects Climate change.

Nature can not sustain the mass production of anything.

Palm Oil Trees grow in warm countries and will take over the Landscape, nothing grows next to it, you are creating a Monoculture that will result in soil erosion and since these Farms are often next to Rivers, they are being overwhelmed with the chemicals that come with large Trucks constantly driving by them and releasing enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

It is not just bad for the Climate but also for any species that lives in that habitat.

As the Forest is cleared more species are declining in numbers and are being pushed into extinction such as orangutans, and the Sumatran Tiger to name only a few.

Why palm oil is bad – what is palm oil in

Palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree, and is high in saturated fat, some experts say it’s bad for you because high saturated fat, has long been linked to heart disease. Saturated fat boosts “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which are risk factors for heart disease. It also is known to damage DNA and cause cancer due to the large amounts of harmful fatty acid esters.

Palm oil is in both frozen and fresh pizza dough, instant noodles, and used in precooked noodles, it will make ice cream smooth and margarine solid, Palm oil helps to make a shiny appearance in some chocolate and gives baked goods a creamy taste and texture. It is also widely used in bread for easy baking.

You can find it in Lipstick because it holds color well and doesn’t melt when warm, it is used in conditioners and shampoos, you will find it in Soaps due to it’s ability to remove oil and dirt from hair and skin while moisturize.

Palm oil-based bio fuels have three times the climate impact of traditional fossil fuels.

  • Palm oil is bad because Deforestation in tropical areas accounts for an estimated 10 percent of man made CO/Greenhouse gas emissions. Deforestation in Indonesia for palm oil (and illegal logging) is so rapid that a 2007 United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) report said that most of the country’s forest might be destroyed by 2022.
  • Habitat destruction, leading to the demise of critically endangered species
  • Cultivating crops on land that belongs to indigenous people in the Sarawak and Kalimantan states on the island of Borneo and the Malaysian state of Sabah

how to make a change – how to make a change in your life

Palm oil is a product and as Consumers we have the power to create demand for a product, which in return creates a demand for the development of the Companies that produce the product.

We also have the power to change how a Company produces and regulates that product. Palm oil is not named in the labels due to lose label regulations in some Countries and makes it hard for the consumer to make an educated decision. It has about 200 names that makes it almost impossible to find.

With the continued consumer awareness and concern to know where a product is coming from, how it is grown where and how it is made, we have the power to speak up and demand change. By wanting sustainable options and creating alternative Communities, by supporting businesses that are working toward that alternative we are creating that change!

In Europe the Supermarkets have categories for palm oil free products, talk to your retailer and ask for it. If we want alternatives, we need to ask for it.

Education is key, I hope that you are reading up on some Articles I have included in my blog because if we are removed from the issue, we do not know how we can help.

Politics, Government, purchase habits and the investment into solutions are all with in our power. Without our purchase nobody makes money and will have to change.

Awareness is important, we are destroying our Eco system and THAT is irreplaceable.

Change your mindset to protect nature because if we just keep taking and not replacing what we take it will disappear. Create a new Innovation for food and Cosmetic Industries .

We cannot relay on only ONE resource we need alternatives.

Give up non sustainable Palm oil

Look for the RSPO label to ensure you purchase products made with certified sustainable palm oil. This label gives you the confidence that the palm oil was produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.



References › Agriculture › Farming


Back to School – back to school supplies

Even though, we are still in the middle of Summer it is that time again.

With that said I wanted to take a moment and remind you all, that this would be a good time to think not only what you can do to help yourself ,( saving money, easy shopping and so on ) but I also want you to think what you can do for the Environment during the shopping craze.

Encourage and teach your kids how to be more respectful to the Earth and explain why you are buying certain supplies that may be different what his/her friend has, or why something will be reused rather than discarded. Maybe you even come up with some fun DIY projects for some upcycle Idea’s. Let the kiddos know that different is not bad, it can be fun, and may even start a trend.


I will share some of my favorites to get you started with your Eco friendly school supply shopping.

Lead pencils? no way, Sprout pencils!

Yes, you are reading this right. If you did not hear about it yet, it is a real thing. Sprout pencils are the first-ever plantable pencil. They’re made of sustainable wood and in place of an eraser tip, each pencil has a small biodegradable capsule filled with either vegetable, herb or flower seeds. Remember writing with those little stubs, well now when you are done you can plant them in a pot, add water and set them by the window so the seeds can grow.


Insulated Lunch bags – Earth friendly products

Being environment friendly does not mean anybody has to eat out of a brown paper bag and with a good quality reusable lunch bag, you are not just doing your wallet a favor but also the Environment. Most of the bags or boxes are washable and the utensils that come with some of them are dishwasher safe.

There are many Lunch bags out there but I only mention my 2 favorites.

The Wildkin Lunch Box comes in many designs geared towards boys and girls, but tends to be for the younger crowd.

The Bento Box, is made out of wheat and is non-toxic. This box is more natural in their appearance and comes with Wheat Straw, Lunch Bag and Portable Utensils.

Best manual pencil sharpener – highlighters and markers

Yup, I said manual. This is a no brainer it is not just the least expensive way but also the easiest to be good to mother earth. Use a manual pencil sharpener. Think how much you will safe on batteries alone.

When it comes to highlighters choose dry highlighters like these Eco highlighters.They have a natural wood finish use no plastics, no ink solvents, and no volatile organic compounds. You can use them completely and compost the shavings and stubs. No you can not plant them like the Sprout pencils, but I would not be surprised if that did not come soon.

When it comes to markers why not go with refillable ones, from dry eraser to acrylic paint you can refill cartridges and save not just a good chunk of your green money but also help to reduce on the environmental Impact. Start with Pilot V Board Master. and work your way up to what ever your Child needs.


Environment friendly for tech? Absolutely !

Check out this cool USB drive from JAWAY it can be personalized totally for free. How cool is that? No more whose drive it is or what do I have on that drive. It has drive/power supply, just plug it in, and it will work on all major operating systems.

We all know that nobody is leaving the house without their Laptop so cover it in style with this Cork Protective Sleeve Case. It is made out of high-quality cork material, is slim and lightweight and will fit in your backpack.

I hope these examples gave you some Motivation

Eco friendly Companies and Products are expanding more and more  on the market. I am happy to see that pretty much anything you need these days comes in some variety of an environment friendly form. Sometimes we just need a little push or tuck to move into the right direction. My hope is since you are here, you may find your Eco friendly alternative to as many School Supplies you need.

Happy School Supply shopping

Leave me a note below and let me know how you went in to the world of Eco friendly school supplies and what you bought.

Peace , love and harmony




100% Pure Essential Oil (Therapeutic) – Tea Tree review

Tea Tree (Australian)

100% Pure Essential Oil

  • $6.96 10ml
  • Scientific name : Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Oil origin : Tree, leaves
  • Extraction : Steam distillation
  • Aroma : Sharp, medicinal, camphoraceous
  • Odor strength : Very high
  • Evaporation : Top note
  • Origin : Australia


I have grown up with natural Oils and Remedies used in Europe, when I came to the US I was on the search for Oils that have the same quality and results that I have been used to. After many tries I found Jade Bloom a few Years back and that is the Company who is now my GO TO for everything.

The Tea Tree Oil I am writing about today is one that I always have handy, It’s Quality is amazing, I carry it with me at all times because of its powerful anti-inflammatory and disinfectant compounds so it will treat anything from insect bites, burns infected wounds. When you have Children this will be your saving grace while on vacation or just out and about

The 10ml bottle fits everywhere and will last, because you just need one drop for a small wound. Take the bottle flip it up-side down with your Finger on the opening on the top of the bottle and their you have your remedy.

Tea Tree Oil Blends Well with:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clary Sage
  • Clove Feranium Lavender
  • Lemo
  • Orange
  • Roman Chamomile


Topical usage Only!!!!!

It is a powerful cleansing agent for better health but  is also extremely powerful and should not be consumed.

Usage Instructions

I have used Tea Tree Oil  for blisters, burns, insect bites and stings, mosquito bites, rheumatism, and sunburn,

Tea tree assists me with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. I dilute 3 parts Tea Tree to 2 parts Aragan Carrier Oil and massage it into the effected areas, results are almost immediate, and the itch and scaling will stop. I have it on my feet and elbows and am I using the blend about once a week. If for what ever reason my condition acts up again I get right back to the blend, massage it in to the area and don’t have to deal with the annoying itching and embarrassing scaling.


Tea Tree oil can be diffused into the air to cleanse a room and greatly reduce the presence of micro – organisms. I have three difusers going one on my Desk, one in my Bedroom and one in the Living room. With all those bacteria and micro organisms that can effect not just our health but also the way we smell and how our skin reacts, I want nothing to do with it. So tea Tree it is.!

Buy your 100% pure Tea Tree Oil here. Jade Bloom often runs specials to get a free bottle with any purchase, and you will be able to learn all about Essential Oils while on their Website.

Let me know how you are using your Tea Tree Oil I always love to hear from you.

homemade lavender water – recipe

  • 100 drops ( 5 ml ) Lavender Oil
  • 5 drops Peppermint Oil
  • 1 1/2 fluid oz ( 45 ml ) high proof Vodka
  • 20 oz distilled Water

Blend the oils with the Vodka in a small glass bowl. Stir well to make sure all ingredients are blended well. Pour water into a large glass bottle, add oil mixture to water. Shake well and use.


The linen water may be a bit cloudy but that is normal and will not stain your Clothe or Linen.

natural mosquito repellent Spray – recipe

  • 2 oz Witch Hazel
  • 2 oz distilled Water
  • 20 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 20 drops of Citronella Oil

blend all Ingredients in a Glass bowl, fill in glass Spray bottle and use.


Shake Bottle lightly before every time of use to keep the Liquids blended.

I keep my Mosquito repellent in the refrigerator when not using ,so it stays fresh for every time I need it.

Let’s talk Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils usage can be followed back to 3000-2500 B.C.

The Egyptians are known to be the first culture to use aromatic extracts for beauty care, culinary uses, spiritual and physical well-being. Remember reading about Cleopatra bathing in Rose peddles and Milk to keep her skin looking young?

I remember my Grandmother always having a used Lemon Slice at the Sink. When asked why, she answered, when she cuts smelly food like Onions or Garlic etc she rubs the Lemon on her hands afterwords while washing her hands so they don’t smell like Onion or Garlic. The citrus in the Lemon eliminates Odors.

I am now in the same Habit. Rather than throwing the used Lemon that I had in my Water in to the Compost, I first leave it at the Sink for the same reason.

The three MUST HAVE’s in my house are

Use of essential Oils – Peppermint

Easy to grow in the Garden (careful though, it is a Weed and will take over where ever you plant it,) I would suggest keeping it in a back Corner since it does not mind shade at all, or plant it in a Terra Cotta Pot and than plant it with the Pot in the ground, so the Roots can not easily expand.
Or plant it in a container on the porch I have mine in an old up cycled Hotel Pot that I found in a Yard Sale.

There are so many benefits to Peppermint that I can only mention a few:

For starters, it is Mosquito repellent. When you have it in your Yard and you run over it with your lawnmower you can smell the light scent of Peppermint and be sure that Mosquitoes will not be around since they do not like that smell.

Harvest the Leaves for Tea or for your Mojitos. Pluck a leave or two for your Lemon Water since it helps to quench thirst and it is known to boost energy and help with your digestion.

Add fresh leaves to your Salad.

In the Fall I usually cut down the Plants and dry them for Tea that can be enjoyed all Winter long .

Peppermint Oil is also one of the most used Oils when I blend my Mosquito Spray or Linen Water.

Use of essential Oils – Lavender

Have you seen a Lavender Field? It is breathtaking, just for it’s Color.

The Lavender Plant is a little more tricky to grow and usually will not produce many Flowers until 3 Years Old. I still have to have one since it’s not just the Flower that is Fragrant but also the Leaves. I use the dried Leaves and Flowers in little Sachets to put in my Closet and drawers.

Lavender is also Mosquito repellent and best as a Spray. Of cause, you could always just rub a few Leaves in between your hands and then over your arms and Legs but I think Spray is easier,

I also always have lavender water in the house for the Items that I Iron, not just will it smell fresh but also keep the Moths away when you store those heavy Winter Clothes away.

Lavender is best known for its Use as Stress Relief. Making Lavender Sugar and use that as sweetener for your Tea you drink before bedtime. Or dab a few drops on your finger and massage into your temples. I sometimes did that at work when I got to stressed.


Use of essential Oils – Tee Tree Oil

Now here is an Oil that I do not grow the plant for, but always have on hand.

Tee Tree Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. I have eczema and am I using the Oil with a Carrier (it can be an unscented Lotion or Oil) to keep it under control. The itching stops as soon as I treat the area and the redness and flaking goes away.

I also carry it in my bag when I have my Grand Kids out and about. When little scrapes or cuts occur the Oil will take away the Sting and the play can continue.





Aromatherapy and essential Oils – where to buy

You most like already found some Oils in the Grocerie Store or your Pharmacy, As a beginner, I say try it out for the Scent since they are most likely a little less expensive. If you are putting your efforts towards medical / physical / healing and over all Health Benefits I would suggest finding the best of the Best.

I have tried many Product Lines over the Years and when I travel Overseas usually stock up on my Oils that are not available in the United States but for most other purchases that I make for medicinal and healing purposes, I am using Jade Bloom. They have 100% pure Oils that are known to be the best in the World.

I have other Suppliers for the Oils that I am I using in making all natural Candles and Soaps in those Cases I need larger amounts while still being 100% natural they do not need to be Pharmaceutical Grade.

Everyone has their own Idea as to what you want to accomplish with your Oils, happy hunting and let me know if I can help in any way.

I can’t wait to see all of your Ideas of uses and you may want to share some Recipes with us .

Peace, Love, Happiness




Environment friendly – how to focus on the positive

This morning I had a long conversation with my best Friend. She was upset and we talked a long time about how she felt while being around certain people. We talked for over an hour and it motivated me to research the effects and Risks about a toxic home environment. I truly believe this is a FACT that is not even close to be actively addressed. Home Environment. 

While researching for hours I found a lot of information on children and home environment , about how building Structures like Homes and Cities can make a difference in how people feel and behave, how to create a better work environment , but not much about your home environment.

Looking back at my own experience and the one from my friend it makes sense.

Who likes to admit that the one place, the place that should be your safe place is actually the one that is the unsafest. I could go at this in many ways but will focus on just a few situations and hopefully be able to help with some Ideas to move you towards a more positive direction.

Stress affects your health, You must speak up.!!! 

Some of those Stressors can be:

  1. divorce
  2. mental abuse (never being good enough)
  3. physical abuse
  4. emotional pressure
  5. your job (major workloads every day)


you may think that the Headache your keep getting is just a headache, the feeling tired or on the other hand the not able to sleep may be an illness, but they could be Stress symptoms , and those can  affect your health, even though you might not realize it

First off you need to learn healthy ways to cope with your life stressors.

There is a great Article written by the Mayo Clinic Staff that i actually have printed out and then started “working” thru the points that i found are MY stress points .

It was pretty scary at first because I had all of them they had listed. I also bought a book to get me started : The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living  on my journey to a healthier me and I hope it can help you as well.


How to focus on the positive.

Start your day with positive thoughts and affirmation.

When i wake up, before I even open my eyes, I say “thank you” to be waking up another day.

Before putting my feed on the floor, I determine that this day will be a good day.

Try it, and say:

this is a great day!say it with meaning and it will happen.

I also have small Cards all over the house and on me at all times, you can buy your first deck of Power thought cards  here to get you started NOW. I have many Stacks that I have picked up over the Years and sometimes I give one to a person I feel needs some “sunshine” in their life.


Talk to yourself in a positive way

While in the shower, in front of the Mirror, your Car, tell yourself that you are having a great day, that the situation that irritated you earlier will not affect your positive thinking. Try to only say what you would like to hear from others. Compliment a colleague on the color of her Blouse or his new hairstyle. It is amazing how positive talk can be infectious.

Don’t believe that everything only comes in black and white. I have learned that life is so much more interesting in “grey”. For example, we all have been told all our lives that you need to “go” to work outside your home to make money, but ever since I have not been in an Office environment for a few weeks now the grey has become my Sunshine. I am happy with starting a new journey, I am excited to get up every morning and write about my life and Experience to help others. I have lost weight, been sleeping like a baby and have not had a headache (or in my case Migraine)

I am living every day to the fullest and with a smile on my face. Don’t let the grey scare you.

Make your home a bright place, light colors make your moods more likely feel happy than dark colors. Think how you feel when you walk into a Spa. The smells the colors and light music are putting you immediately into a calm and relaxed mood.

That is what your home should feel like.!

Start with a few changes, I just listed the ones that I have started with because I am not done yet with my transformation of my home environment.

  1. Get rid of the dark Drapes and replace them with light Colored ones,
  2. Change the color of your walls
  3. Have Candles and plants in every room.
  4. Make sure the air in your house is fresh, open windows or use all-natural scented candles
  5. Play your favorite Song(s). Music is an emotion regulator
  6. Surround yourself only with positive people, tell that neighbor that likes to come over and gossip to stay away.
  7. Take time for yourself, even if it is just a few moments while gazing out of the Window ( I learned how to totally shut down my brain and relax )

This is it for today.

I am looking forward to hearing what changes you will be doing or have done to make your Home environment more friendly.


As always

Peace, Love,  Happiness




Environment friendly- ways to start to reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recylce

This is not a “new” Term but by my own experience when I ask people where their recycle bin is I still hear to often, just throw it in the trash. Since that just does not fit in my mindset I almost always automatically ask” why do you not recycle? ” and the general answer has mostly to do with laziness. Yes I call the people that do not recycle lazy and ignorant. How , in this time and age can anyone still believe that our Earth will be around for ever if we keep treating it as garbage Dump and taking it for granted.

I am not going to rant here right now but by blood always starts boiling when I am talking about how our Mother Nature is being treated. So I am going to walk you thru some ways on how to be more Eco friendly, and give you a reason or at least an explanation as to why ! .



Start by looking in to your Garbage Can. Is their a lot of unwanted mail like the unsolicited Advertising, VAL-Paks , Credit Card Offers? Go on line or pick up the phone and unsubscribe . You can use Websites like to find out ways to stop the mailings.


Please, by all means STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS!

This is one of the easiest ways to start reducing waste. How hard is it to have a few Cotton Bags in the Car when going shopping or even better if you are lucky enough you could use a pull Cart and walk to you nearest Groceries store and fill it up. You are not just reducing waste with not using Plastic bags but also reduce pollution by not starting up your Car for a drive of a few blocks to your store and you are doing your health a Favor with a little Exercise. Want to know more facts about Plastic Waste check out for starters.



No more Plastic Containers.

Shop in Bulk and use Glass Containers like Ball Jars or any other Glass Jars to store your Dry Food like Pasta, Oatmeal Rice etc. Not just will you reduce waste but the Cupport may actually look better.

To make it even more clear


How hard is it to get a few reusable stainless Steele Water Bottles? i have started to use my pretty Glasses that are usually in the Cupboard for special occasions, when I am writing i am using the Gasses i have picked up at Yard Sales,  but also have found thru  research , that the Hydro Flask Water bottle is one of the favorites out there. It has a Double Wall Vacuum, is Insulated Stainless Steel with Wide Mouth and BPA Free Straw and Lid. Don’t just take by word for it check out the reviews  fro m they stated:

“The Hydro Flask 24 oz bottle is the Standard Mouth version of a hugely popular line of insulated bottles. The Standard Mouth has a narrow mouth for easy sipping that doesn’t drench your shirt, and the bottle is slim enough to fit in any cup holder or backpack pocket. It has a brushed coat finish and comes in many colors.

“The bottle claims 24 hours of icy cold and up to 12 hours of hot, and I know this is the stat everyone cares about. It met the mark for hot, and went well beyond for cold.”

I have mine ordered and can’t wait to get it in to by hands. Especially when out and about.


Stop buying  paper towels and get some reusable Clothe wipes. I personally like Microfiber wipes for dusting hard Services since it will literally attract the dust and I can shake the clothe out the Window and keep going.

In the kitchen I have a regular kitchen clothe that I also use in the Bathroom and for the rest of my House cleaning. The ones for the Floor are just a bit larger.

Want to clean your Shoes or Leather Purse? Use and old Sock or cotton T-Shirt, The old bath towel that has seen better days also will be happy to help with polishing any of your faucets. I dare you to try it .

Start repairing things rather then discarding and buying new. It’s really not that hard to sew together a small tear in your Shirt or change out a Zipper in your pants, if you are absolutely challenged in that area there are many tailors that will be happy to do it for you. They may cost a few bucks but it is still cheaper then new and more Eco Friendly.

Egg Cartons can be made into small planters or donated to schools that will use them in their Art Projects,

Put the Egg Shells in your Watering Can while watering your Houseplants or in the Garden. Tomatoes especially like that extra Calcium.

Used Coffee grounds can be used in your garden as Fertilizer which improves drainage, water retention and helps with aeration in the soil. It also can be used to repel ants, slugs and other bugs. There are many uses you can check out at

Start a Compost

If you are lucky and have a Garden I sure hope you already have a Compost. I used to have one while still living in my house and then had to get creative when I moved to a Townhouse with only a small Porch. I have a Plastic Bucket that is collecting my Compost that I had started last year, this Year I was able to use the Soil and restarted it. For now the Pumpkin and Squash seeds are loving it and showing off there lush Leaves. ( It is Summer right now )


Now we are going to the one thing literally EVERYONE can and should be doing. In case you are just getting started  go to your local Department of Environmental Conservation Website. Every state, every County and Town have different regulations on how to recycle and what goes in the Bins or should be separated. For example I live in NY and  use

Than start thinking.!!!

Can I use this glass bottle for my home made Salad Dressing or put it in the Bin, how about that Cardboard box? What about those Shoes and Clothe. ???

Yes Textile reuse and Recycling is HUGE

per the DEC.NY ( I live in NY )

“The potential market value of all these materials is almost $210,000,000”

Textile recycling:

  • Decreases the amount of trash we bury in landfills (saving landfill space.);
  • Reduces greenhouse gases;
  • Saves natural resources, including water and petroleum; and
  • Reduces toxins. Cotton is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world.

So go ahead donate your old drapes, ripped Jeans Shoes pillows etc to non-profit organizations like “Good Will” or “Salvation Army” and know that you made a difference.

Think before you buy AND before you throw away

Come up with your own ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Share one of your own Ideas below and hopefully get inspired by some Ideas you will find here from others.

Remember :

The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place

Source: EPA

Peace , Love and Harmony


Environment friendly – houseplants that clean air

I am a true believer that every room needs a plant. Not just because the color green represents calm, nature, relieves stress and help heal, but it just brightens up a room brings us closer to Nature, especially if you are living in a big City .

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in your favorite Chair next to your own Palm tree, relaxing, reading a Book? It clams you after a long day at work.

Plants also have an effect on your Environment. First off with their color. Some studies have shown that people that are working in a green Environment have less Stress and are less sick. Second, indoor plants can help with our indoor air quality by getting rid of some indoor air pollution.

The American Heart Association stated in one of their Forms

“The air in your home can be dirty and hazardous to your health. In fact, indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors.”

So Let’s look at some of my findings and Practices I have in my own Home.

Houseplants for air quality

How can my Houseplant help with air pollution in my house you may ask. I find the easiest way to explain it is to describe how the Leaf of a plant works.

Leaves provide food and air to help a plant stay healthy and grow. Through photosynthesis, leaves turn light energy into food. Through pores, or stomata, leaves “breathe” in carbon dioxide and “breathe” out oxygen. Leaves also release excess water, much like our sweat. Look at them as the air filter of Nature. We need the Oxygen to breath, they give it to us.

What Plants to grow

if you are anything like my daughter you may be starting to get chills and say you don’t know how to keep a plant alive. No worries I will give you some Ideas with plants that are easy to grow and keep. I have them all in my own home. Every Plant has a purpose and is placed in a room where it will do its best.

The Spider Plant

This Plant you can pretty much be put in any Spot in your home. I actually have them all over, from Kitchen to Living room and Bedroom even in my Bathroom. It makes a great hanging plant to green up your Walls. Unless you want a Jungle within a Year you want to make sure that you trim the Baby Trunks, that will help to keep the “mommy” Plant healthy and lush but also keeps your Plant under Control. I often grow the Baby’s separate and gift them to people in a pretty Pot.

In the Kitchen

The Aloe Vera

This is a MUST have plant the House. She will be happy on any Window sill. Water every 3 Weeks and Spray during the Winter month. This Plant with its fleshy leaves is great to have around. I am constantly touching a hot plate or grab something the wrong way out of the oven so for first aid with burns the kitchen is the best Spot for her. Cut part of the leave and squeeze the juice on to the burn, it will immediately take away the pain and minimize a blister.

Your living room

Weeping Fig Tree also knows as Ficus Tree

This Plant is easy to care for. Water when the top of the Soil is dry. It likes bright Light but no drafts. When you move a ficus he most likely will lose some leaves because they do not like to be relocated. I would suggest finding a “home” for it and leave it. Ficus grows rapidly and therefor needs Fertilizer once a month. This Tree can grow up to several feet high and is perfect for a Corner in your Living Room. In some Studies its been found that he can help filter out pollutants that typically accompany carpeting and furniture such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Next is the Rubber Fig or as commonly known Rubber Tree .

This Tree is another easy House Plant that likes it not to bright but some light will not hurt him. Water when soil is dry and if you like to keep the large leaves looking shiny wipe him down with a little water or Beer. Yes I said Beer it makes the leaves shine and will not clog the pores. Mine is next to the TV and loves that indirect light. In a Study by NASA

The large leaves can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, making them harmless. They absorb exhaled carbon dioxide and convert it to breathable oxygen.

The Bedroom

The Snake Plant

The perfect Plant for the Bedroom. She releases oxygen at night to help you sleep better. With very little need for light and watering every few weeks she is the top pick for many as an air purifying Plant. The long leaves will grow straight up so you do not need a huge place for it.

Think why and where

With these few Tips above think about the reason you are buying a plant or how to set up your home to make it more Environment friendly. My thing is, ” Every plant has a purpose”. What can I do to make my home more Eco friendly, for beauty, air quality or better sleep? Happy plant shopping, and as always, if you have questions or Commends please let me know below.

Peace, love and Harmony


Can Environment effect your health- how to go green in your house

When it comes to being more environmentally aware, most people think that this is something only the Big Corporations can make a difference with. Unfortunately that seems to be the overall perception and how I see it, People are detached from that Subject mostly due to very little information and awareness.

I am here to tell you that EVERYONE can do and should do there part and it WILL make a difference.

Global warming is REAL Eco friendly is REAL and you can help by starting with small changes in your own life. I will give you some Ideas how to start. Things I have been doing since I was a little girl, my Family and I live it. Sharing this lifestyle is just another part on how I am still making a difference.

Good Home Environment.

A good Home Environment is not just a well-kept house that is clean with a pretty Garden. It should also be healthy and positive.

Think about what you are using on a daily bases. What is it you used to clean your Surfaces with, your Carpet, Clothing and so on? Read the labels on those Products and see if you can pronounce any of the ingredients. If not, there is a good chance that you are using chemicals that can actually harm the environment and in return YOU.

What can you do?

Start by opening your Windows. You just cooked something smelly and it stinks up the kitchen, rather then reaching for that bottle with smelly stuff that just covers those smells, think as to how can it be that one smell can get rid of the other if it never even leaves your room? Where does it go?

My Kids used to make fun of me, saying that when ever I woke up, the first thing I did was open the Windows no matter if it rains or shines or even in the Winter. I still do so and most of the time I don’t even close them at night Unless there is a major Snow Storm or Temperatures are too cold. In case, you wonder, now that my kids are Adults, they are doing it as well.

It has been proven over and over again by Researchers like The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Individuals that have been living this way for generations, that when you open a Window you let out not only the foul smell but also the indoor pollution. Yes, there is pollution in your “clean” e. Like the ashes of your Fireplace, the dandruff from your Dog or your left over skin cells that fall of in your bed while you sleep. The air that comes out of your Vents when the AC or heat is on. (by the way, when was the last time you cleaned out the Vent/Ducts and not just the filters) . In a Studies by the cps it was stated that

“a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted then the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90 percent of there time indoors. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors then outdoors.” you can start with

I am not trying to skeeve you out or scare you but want you to look around and think how you can help!

Forget the Dryer

Have you ever been to Germany or any other Country in Europe? If so you most likely seen the Laundry hanging from the Window cills or on lines over the small Roads of the Town and they seem to hang there night and day. This is not because they can not afford a Dryer but because the fresh air will get rid of pollution settled on Clothe even after wash, when you air dry they will not just help your electric bill but will also give you an extra “cycle”. Sunlight is a Disinfectant, yes you hear that right. The UV that is so bad for our skin is actually good to get rid of petty bacteria. Its also great if you have a stain you can not get fully rid off.

I recently had a coffee stain on my favorite white Shirt, brand new of course, if you knew me you knew that this is exactly what happens to me.

I washed the Shirt in cold water, put a bit of Salt on the Spot and then put it in the bright Sun. Voila, Stain be gone…… Thank you, Sunshine.

Why Clean your Carpet

Besides the obvious cleaning the Dog hair, dirt you bring in on your shoes from the Outdoors, the Crumbs that fall during Dinner, and still are may more reasons you should keep your Carpets clean. It is suggested to vacuum at least twice a Week. Yes I get it’s not the most glamorous job or even fun but did you know:

In studies by the EPA and several Vacume Cleaner Manufacturers they found out that humans shed over 1million skin Cells every 24 hours, not sure how many an animal sheds but yuck to that. When looking a little deeper into what some fabrics attract I came across all kids of cridders including fleas , mold, moisture, spiders and Bed Bugs .

You thought that vacuuming is very unattractive to you, think again.

How to improve Home Quality?

Start with these 2 simple steps, air dry your Laundry, if you are lucky and have a garden use a clothesline between two Trees or get yourself a drying umbrella, in case, you have limit space or/and want to extend your air drying to a year around thing check out this drying rack  by Everyday Home

Vacuum your carpet twice a week or if lucky enough make it a chore for the kids. Make sure you are using a hepa filter  in your Furnace and a Vacuum that has them as well ,  keep your Windows open while vacuuming so any dust particles can fly right out rather then just settling in a different spot.

Till next time

Peace Love Harmony



Environment Friendly-What is a friendly Environment

More and more people are trying to find out how to be Environmentally Friendly, and by researching this Topic will see a lot of information. I like to start with the definition for en·vi·ron·ment . It is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant live or operates.

So let’s talk about this

What is a friendly Environment

A Friendly Environment is a place that is friendly, harmonic with a “feel good” touch, a place where you like to be. It should be everywhere! Your home, work, garden, city or the vacation spot you like.

It is their where you can thrive, where the family comes together, friends gather and you can breathe.

It also needs to be within you.

If you feel that knot in your stomach when you enter a room but you are not sure why? That means the environment in that Room or that Place has something that makes it unfriendly for you.

Today I want to concentrate on One Space and that is your Space at Work.

Something that I have learned the hard way and want to share so that hopefully I can save someone from going thru the same pain and ongoing Health issues that I am still dealing with.

I am a Cancer Survivor taking back my Life

Toxic Work Environment


This is a Phrase I had never heard before.

What does that mean ?

After researching the matter I found that almost all articles are going back to the Work place and how Employers can change the Environment in which Employees are working in, but what about the Employees themselves, the People, YOU.?

A Toxic work Environment is a place where you feel down, not acknowledged, where you can try your hardest but are never good enough. Do your Co workers commiserate with each other? Does your Boss show favoritism, are the Expectations lined out in their entirety and stay that Way or do they keep changing? Is the Equipment you are working with up to par? Are the Systems working efficiently? Those are just some questions you should ask yourself. Listen to your Gut.

For me it was the Headaches, the depression and Anxiety, the not be able to sleep, drinking too much and eat out of frustration. Then the Bombshell. Cancer. Don’t’ wait for your Bombshell .

There are two things that I believe you can do

Quit and find a new Job or find out

How to create a healthy work Environment

Start with cleaning up your work Space.

If you are working on a Desk I always suggest having a Plant (a real one) on your Desk. The color green is known for its soothing and refreshing impact on your psychological health.

Get organized.

I always say ” everything has a home” so your Computer has its place, your pens are either in your drawer or in a pretty container on your desk (try a small Vase or Glass). Papers and everything else you need to be productive at work should have a home.

Be nice to everyone.

I know that may be a challenge but I am a true believer in what I give out I will get back. So Even though, these pestering Co-workers are gossiping about you, keep on smiling.

Make yourself feel good:

This can be a challenge if you are working in a casual work environment. But try to just wear something comfy yet fashionable. For example instead of Jeans and a T-Shirt make it Jeans and a pretty Blouse.

If your a woman wear Mascara, even though it takes a second out of your morning, As a Man try to wear that aftershave you like. You will be surprised what it does to your mood if you just take a moment and do something for yourself .

These are just examples on what you can do. think about what will make you happy at work and than just go for it.

Last but not least

How to become more aware

Look at you and your Space you work in objectively, be honest. Do you like the Company and what it stands for? Do you like your co-workers and do they treat you well? Sit at your Workplace, close your eyes and ask yourself, “How do I feel”?

Then look in the mirror and tell / ask yourself do I really like who I am when I go to work, come from work, while I am at work?

Start writing down what effects you at work, make 2 columns, one for the good things and one for the not so good things. Do that for a week and then reflect on that, preferably in a Place you call your good place. Could be a Park, your Bedroom, or your Car.

Ask your Partner or Friends what they see. Ask them what they think of you when coming home from work,how you talk about your job? take note of their responses and make sure to tell them to be honest and not to worry about maybe hurting your feelings. You want to know the truth.

Then write down your Goals, what is your priority, what are your dreams what is your plan


Peace, Love and Harmony. That is what you deserve and nothing else.

Meditate! Yes meditate and listen to your inner self. Don’t’ be afraid to jump Ship if that is what your heart tells you to do. There will always be a way to make money their will always be a Company that will have a positive work Environment. Put yourself and your health first. Because you are no good to anyone or yourself when your Environment makes you ill. You have ONE Life, live it well.


About Andrea


and Thank you for visiting my Site!

For starters I like to get the obvious question out of the way .How did my Name Andrea turn in to GeGi. Well it’s actually simple, while working for a large Company in the past, my Manager had the worst time pronouncing my name correctly since I am German ,so she decided that she would call me GeGi for German Girl . It stuck !

I hope you will enjoy the Collection of Idea’s, Tips, Tricks, my Experience and Products that I am sharing on this Site.

Growing up in Europe I was told from an early age to respect the Earth and my environment. We recycled over 40 Years ago and since my family went thru WW2 and the Cold War, the knowledge of living on a budget and to work with what you have available to you was just normal to me.

Now many Years later and almost all grown up, I come to understand how much my Family has given me with that knowledge. I now have lived in the US for over 25 Years and have struggled to keep up with my beliefs in Environmental Health since many things just simple were not available to me .

Environmental Health is not just the trees and bushes in front of my house or the recycling of plastic and papers etc but it is also the health of your environment at work, your colleagues your friends and neighbors and even the state you may be living in.

I have made it my “Project” to give back

I want to share my trials and sometimes fails on recycling, upcycling, alternative medicine and much of what I experienced while surviving Cancer. Along with growing a garden and starting a share program for neighbors as well as some “old” lifestyles that are called “new” our days, I want to let you know what worked for me and why it may not work for you. I want to give back as much of my knowledge as I can.

My Goal with this Site is to share

With a growing understanding and knowledge here in the States about the Environment and it’s effects on everything living, I hope to create a site were we can exchange Idea’s and projects to help everyone that is living or wants to start living a life that is environment healthy.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. If I don’t have the answer I am positive with  my continued research i may be able to point you in the right direction.

All the best,

Peace, Love and Harmony


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